1. Anne Denise O'Hare says:

    Thank you Sanjay for all your help! As a new iPad user I was finding it very difficult to navigate my new toy, your help and clear instructions and demonstrations on the iPad have set me up very well. I can now save lots of information and use my iPad when I am on the road with confidence and skill. I can highly recommend Sanjay for all your PC difficulties, the service is user friendly, in easily understandable language, prompt and affordable.
    Anne Denise O’Hare

  2. Anurakhc says:

    Good day Sanjay,
    Thank you very much for your assistance & support to help me how to use the new IPad Mini properly &
    Hopefully I can be your regular customer in the near future, if I need the new website for the new products.
    Anyways, our friendship will last forever.
    All the best, take care.
    Cheers, Anurak

  3. Candrasari Desak says:

    Thanks a lot Sanjay,you were so helpfull to me whenever I get a problem with my computer,iPad,iPhone .you always fixed it with a clear explaination and I always feel understand more and more with the technology what I lack for a long time.thanks a lot and all the best for your future plan’s

  4. db says:

    Thanks Sanjay!!!
    You were a great help-will use your great expertise for future probs

  5. Daniel Narayan says:

    I engaged affordable PC Repairs and services for various complex IT works and am please to say that my work was carried out professionally and efficiently and within my budget. A sound understanding IT was demonstrated in all works.

  6. Nora waheb says:

    Thanks Sanjay for today and for fixing all our computer needs…I am not an expert when it comes to computers…so it is very helpful to know that you are just a phone call away. You are very professional in what you do, I can only wish you the very best success in your business for many years to come. Will definitely be seeking your assistance and knowledge again in the near future!

    All the best,

  7. The team at Affordable PC repairs in Sydenham were fantastic.
    The repairer Sanjay went out of his way to collect the part on the same day that I took the machine in for repair so that I could have the laptop back the next business day.

    I was expecting having to leave the machine in for a week before I received it back, but I got the machine back within 1 day and fully repaired.

    I was really impressed with the service received from Affordable PC repairs and would defiantly without hesitation call them for any computer problem I have in the future.

    All the best, Charlotte

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